A guy from Etown, Josh Nalley, has been posting daily videos on TikTok in which he pretends to be “un-alive,” as he puts it, in a wide variety of locations including streets, creeks, woods, and parking lots.

The captions were a countdown of the number of days “of playing un-alive until I’m cast in a movie or TV show as an un-alive body”. Well, it paid off last month when Nalley was cast to play a body in the morgue on CSI:Vegas!

Showrunner Jason Tracey noticed the videos and said, “Nobody has done a more thorough job of auditioning for a nonspeaking role, maybe in the history of television.” “After 321 pictures or so, he hit his stride and it was time to get called up to the big leagues.”

His episode will air on Novevmber 3rd on CBS.

@living_dead_josh #fyp #csivegas #foryoupage ♬ Fallen down – Slowed – 「Incørrect」

Nalley says he was “just having fun” and didn’t expect anything to actually come out of it. But producers flew him to California where he spent a few hours in makeup and laid very still for a long time on set!

He said, “We had to redo one take because I had my phone in my pocket and forgot to turn it off,” he said. “Of course, it was a telemarketer calling. That was kind of embarrassing.”



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