In January, many of Bog Saget’s comedian friends did a comedy tribute for Bob in his memory at the Comedy Store, and now Netflix will be releasing that special.

Mike Binder said, “I called Jim Carrey and Chris Rock, I called a bunch of people, and a lot of them didn’t show.”

He continued, “A lot of ’em did, but I said, ‘The right people are gonna show and it’s gonna be perfect.’ His family was there and Jackson Browne and John Mayer were our house band. [John] Stamos and [Jeff] Ross hosted it.”

In a preview clip that was released online, Chris Rock can be heard saying, ‘“I think it’s sad that the motherf**ker had to die to get Jim Carrey back onstage. … If this is the only way we gon’ see you perform, I’m gon’ kill Eddie Murphy next week.”

Who do you think will be the funniest of the legendary comics that performed during that tribute set? Jim Carrey? Chris Rock? Jeff Ross?

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