Ex- Flyleaf vocalist Lacey Sturm confirmed rumors that she’s talked to Breaking Benjamin’s Ben Burnley about starting a band while speaking to CCM Magazine.

She didn’t go into much detail or a timeline into a possible new group with Burnley but did say he’s a fan of her latest release, Reflect Love Back: Soundtrack Volume 1 and discussed how Breaking Benjamin’s song “Dear Agony” could be interpreted as a Christian rock song.

Sturm said that she cried after listening to the song and then agreed to sing on it because the song reached her spiritual side.  As she was explaining it to Burnley he asked: “How did you turn my rock song into a Jesus song?”  Sturm’s been very vocal about her life as both a Christian and a rock performer.

Would you be interested in hearing a band with Sturm and Burnley?  Do you listen to any rock from Christian artists like Sturm or Skillet?  Can a band with a Christian and secular artist coexist?

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