After Halsey took to social media to explain why she was frustrated with not being able to release a song unless it went “viral” on TikTok, many artists are speaking up as well.

Other artists like FKA Twigs, Charlie XCX, and Adele have had enough of TikTok being the decider of hits, while fans agree, others say the music industry is to blame.

“Tik Tok isn’t ruining the music industry, please. Record labels have always wanted their artists to give them money. Artists were forced to get radio hits and now they’re forced to get tik tok hits. Same sh_t,” said one fan

“At the end of the day remember that it’s not tik tok ruining the music industry just the greed from those in charge that don’t care about actual art just profit… once again circling back to how capitalism ruins everything :),” tweeted another.

What do you think? Is TikTok ruining the music business?

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