Billie Eilish is scared that a trespasser could be trying to spread Coronavirus after he visited her home seven times, with five of those times he arrived at her doorstep not wearing a mask and gloves.

Eilish filed a restraining order against Prenell Rousseau, 24, he is to stay 200 feet from the Eilish family and he was forced to take a bus back to his residence in New York, however, Eilish fears he won’t stay there.

Rousseau first visited Eilish’s home last Monday (May 4) where he rang the doorbell and asked if Billie lived there, her father, who spoke to Rousseau through the Ring cam, said that he had the wrong home.

Rousseau returned to Eilish’s home around 9 PM displaying “erratic behavior,” while waiting for security to arrive Rousseau sat on Eilish’s porch and read a book, he came back a third time and laid down behind a wall.

Although Rousseau couldn’t be arrested for trespassing do you think stalkers or repeated trespassers should be jailed?

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