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Hot Ones Versus broke out the vegan wings for Billie Eilish and Finneas!

The brother and sister went head to head in the new episode asking one another personal questions, or suffering the wrath of extremely spicy wing sauce. Last Dab, anybody?

Finneas kicked off the game by prompting his sister:

As a songwriter there’s a constant need to document your innermost thoughts and feelings. Read your last Notes app entry out loud.

Billie cackled when she realized it was a quote from her dad about their mom.

At 1:23, Billie explains,

My dad goes, “your mom said I have bird eyes,” and then he said, “and that I look like a baby dinosaur.”

The rest of the episode goes on to dig into their latest argument (1:51) that came up while creating the Hit Me Hard and Soft album, Billie rating her own outfits over the years (3:04), and Finneas finally dodging a question about who he would never want to work with again (4:15).

It got better around 7:15…

What was Billie’s biggest fear as a kid? Despite Finneas guessing that it was being flushed down the toilet, she admitted it was The Salt Monster.

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