Blur’s Damon Albarn Compares Yoga To Heroin

Blur is back with a new album and reunion tour.

In a new interview, frontman Damon Albarn talked about how the tour has been an opportunity to time-travel.

He said it’s surreal to see all the young people coming to shows these days explaining, “It’s like time-travelling. The audience is young again. It’s weird, you forget where you are sometimes.”

Albarn also said he thinks about that younger self as he considers the huge upcoming dates at Wembley Stadium.

He explained, “That would have terrified me beyond comprehension. Panic attacks, everything.  Yoga helped me massively. Firstly, it was heroin, and obviously I knocked that on the head 100 years ago. And now yoga, if I do it pretty much every day, I’m calm. That it’s not taught in every school is absurd.”

What do you do to stay calm?

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