Brendon Urie revealed to Rock Sound last year that he would love to record music for a metal project. After all, he’s a pretty big fan of the genre and even admits Every Time I Die is his favorite band.

With Panic! At The Disco on a bit of a break following the completion of their Pray For The Wicked Tour, the frontman has been spending time in his home studio trying his hand at writing some different material.

Urie took to Twitch on Tuesday to show off his new piece, which he says is “…some kind of a hook, I don’t know – it should all be a hook!”

When one commenter posted, “I thought you said no work for the rest of the year?” Urie fired back, “Dude, that’s not work. That’s literally me stoned and drunk in my room, sitting in this room and going, ‘Oh, let me grab a guitar real quick.'”

What do you think of this clip? Could Urie write songs that could be a hit in other genres?

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