A Massachusetts man recently returned home to make a horrifying discovery: Someone had broken into his home. Only instead of stealing his valuables, the burglar had cleaned his house.

Marlborough resident Nate Roman, 44, says he didn’t notice anything was amiss until his 5-year-old son found the back door ajar. Being “worried that someone was in the house,” Roman began searching for the intruder — or, at least, signs of a burglary, he says.

He says he noticed the odor of cleaning solvents as he went room-to-room, but didn’t fully grasp what had happened until he got to his son’s room. It had been left a disaster that morning, but was now immaculate.

Although Massachusetts police have launched an investigation, a spokesman says they suspect the dastardly deed was perpetrated by a cleaning crew that got the address wrong. “Nothing was damaged, nothing was taken,” Roman says. “Just arranged in a really creepy way.”

Have you ever done a lot of work on something, only to find out it was unnecessary? If police find out who did this, should charges be filed?

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