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Corey Taylor On How Much Money Slipknot Receives From 1M YouTube Streams

You’d think with all the people listening to Slipknot online, they must be receiving some pretty hefty checks? Well, actually not so much.

In an interview with the Irish Times, Corey Taylor breaks down the numbers, explaining just how little a band earns from the streaming services.

The frontman feels that they “rip off the artist,” revealing that he knows some have called it quits because they can’t make a living from the royalties.

“The lowest rate is YouTube. A million streams on YouTube is 0.04 percent of a penny,” says Taylor, adding, “On a million streams you get $400 and that’s just me doing s***ty math in my head. People can’t live on that and there’s not a lot of people who get these numbers.”

How much music do you stream vs listening to purchased copies?

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