Corey Taylor is working with Houston rock/hip-hop fusion artist Hyro The Hero.

Hyro released a new version of the title track off his “Kids Against The Monsters” project with an appearance from the Slipknot frontman.

The release is part of a series of singles featuring high-profile artists that Hyro The Hero has dropped over the past year.

The “Kids Against The Monsters” track was recorded remotely during lockdown in 2020.

The new track also appeared in episode eight of Apple TV+’s basketball drama series “Swagger.”

An official video for the tune came out today.

Hyro explained, “Working with Corey Taylor was absolutely incredible. When I first heard him sing the words of the chorus we created, I got chills.”

Taylor also commented saying, “It’s always nice to collaborate with up-and-coming talent, especially when you’re a genuine fan. I was stoked to hop on this song with Hyro The Hero. He embodies what a true artist is meant to do: make you feel something. This song is a great reminder that we’re stronger together when facing our demons.”

What would be the weirdest collab you can think of?

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