Coronavirus or Common Cold? How to Tell The Difference

Are you dying?

In short yes, but whether or not you have contracted the wretched Coronavirus and need to be quarantined immediately would be the more pressing issue right now.

As concerns over the Wuhan Coronavirus grow, you may be wondering how to tell if your seasonal symptoms could be a cold or the feared virus.
Health official have admitted it’s not exactly easy to determine if your symptoms are specific to the Coronavirus, since its symptoms like runny nose, fever and headache are the same as the common flu. Coronavirus can honestly cause similar symptoms to any other respiratory virus, like sore throat and difficulty breathing, according to the CDC.

Your travel history is the real factor that determines the likelihood that you have contracted Coronavirus. So if you have traveled from Wuhan, China and exhibit any flu-like symptoms, please see a medical professional. A simple test can determine if you have the Coronavirus. If you haven’t traveled to Wuhan, China, or come in contact with someone who has, you’re likely in the clear.


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