Dashboard Confessional Talks Mental Health
FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA - DECEMBER 04: Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional performs on stage during Audacy Beach Festival at Fort Lauderdale Beach on December 04, 2022 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images for Audacy )

Dashboard Confessional is opening up about how they help each other prioritize their mental health on tour.

In a new interview, frontman Chris Carrabba said, “One thing we’ve done on the road to maintain mental health is be pretty open with each other about what we need when we need it, and try to look out for the other people to try and mention it to them if they don’t realize they need it yet and maybe we can help them avoid a pitfall.”

He went on to explain, “Choosing to care about other people and how they’re doing in their mental health, I think that’s served us all.”

How do you protect your mental health?  Have you ever had to tell a friend they needed to check theirs?  How did that go?

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