Nirvana, portrait, Wien, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 31st August 1991. (Photo by Niels van Iperen/Getty Images)

Dave Grohl may be the common denominator in Nirvana and Foo Fighters, but the bands aren’t really the same.

Talking with The Sun, Grohl explained that the success of Foo Fighters took more work than it did for Nirvana.

“For years we have been in a fairly relentless cycle, slowly building,” Grohl explained. “Nirvana became huge overnight — nobody expected that — but with this band, we’ve built up over time.”

“That has meant constant touring, recording, touring, recording, two weeks on and two weeks off for years without taking a break — so I guess that was overdue,” Grohl added. “The good thing to come from this whole thing has been family time.”

Do you think Foo Fighters and Nirvana are similar bands? Which band do you like more?

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