Before Nirvana became one of the biggest bands in the world, the trio toured around in a van, hoping to one day score a major label record contract.

Speaking of then in a recent interview uncovered by Alternative Nation, Dave Grohl revealed just how little money he and his bandmates had.

“At the time there was like, major label interest which, I mean I just wanted to not have to sell equipment for food. And that was like where we were at,” says the drummer turned Foo Fighters frontman.

The band’s ambitions were small before superstardom hit, with Grohl admitting, “We just wanted to be able to play to 500 people a night and have an apartment and go play at shows. And then, something else happened to the band. And it just got really big, really fast. Which is weird when you’re a kid, you know.”

What were your goals when you first entered the working world? How close to that have you gotten?

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