Disney Announces Launch of Disney+ With Ads
PARIS, FRANCE - NOVEMBER 08: In this photo illustration, the Disney + logo is displayed on the screen of a television on November 08, 2019 in Paris, France. The Walt Disney Company will launch its streaming service (Svod) Disney plus in the United States on November 12, 2019, for Europe, it will be necessary to wait until the beginning of the year 2020. (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images)

Disney will make changes to Disney+ in just shy of a month.

Customers will be able to pay what they are paying now for a version with commercials or pay a little more and receive no commercial interruptions.

The changes go into effect on December 8th.

  • Disney+ Basic with ads $7.99 a month
  • Disney+ Premium with no ads $10.99 a month

The Disney Bundle (Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+) price plan will also change.

  • Disney Bundle Basic-Disney+ & Hulu with ads $9.99
  • Disney Bundle Basic Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ with ads $12.99 a month
  • Disney Bundle Premium-Disney+, Hulu (no ads) ESPN+ (with ads) $19.99

Do you mind paying a little more for no ads or is it more important to you to pay the least amount possible?

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