Do You Even Know What You’re Drinking On NYE?

Waiter serving a glass of sparkling white wine

How To Decode A Champagne Label

If you are planning on popping a few bottles of Champagne it might help to know exactly what it is you’re popping!

Couple things…

  1. In order for a bottle of bubbly to be called Champagne it actually has to come from Champagne, France otherwise it will be called “sparkling wine.”
  2. If you see a label that says “Premier Cru” think of it as a gold level Champagne versus a “Grand Cru” which would be more of platinum status.
  3. Champagne is mostly classified by the amount of sugar added or the “dosage”.
    “Brut nature” has no added sugar, “Brut” has up to 12 grams, “Extra Brut” has up to 6 grams, “Extra Dry” has 12-17 grams and “Doux” has roughly 50+ grams of sugar added.

I mean… but does it taste good and make you feel fine?

Drink and party responsibly.



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