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Join me in celebrating a day we should all truly be thankful for; the day Lamar Jackson was brought into the world. It’s honestly low key disrespectful that we don’t legally observe Lamar Day, but I for one will treat this as such for the rest of my life. The adopted son of the city has now tallied 23 years of life and I think it is safe to say that this young man has been LIVING.

Wild to think that it was 2015 when we were introduced to the Heisman holding, human highlight reel, but he has been moving at that blistering pace of his ever since. It was pretty hard to miss the athleticism immediately, but I’m not sure any of us expected him to be as dominant as he would turn out to be. With a humble and playful demeanor, fans quickly fell in love with Lamar with the reports of his work ethic and unselfishness only piling on to the positives. Demolishing both opposing teams and long standing records during his college career, Lamar has more than made his case for best Cardinal in history.

Now enter the NFL, and for some reason there was doubt initially on whether his game would translate… Well it appears that they too play football in that league and Lamar is still very very very good at football. The MVP seems to be in hand for Lamar this year as he continues to shine, leading his Baltimore Ravens to the playoffs claiming a #1 seed en route and proving what we all knew in the 502; the guy is just ridiculous. Oh yeah it’s only his first year starting, second in the league…

I’m pretty sure he’s about to win the super bowl too sooo


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