How do you sleep at night? On your front? Back? Side? I mean I knew there were options but after the Twitter started asking some of y’all’s inner psychopath is showing. I’ll keep it a buck here; I am not opposed to testing out some different positions in bed, (that’s what she said) but as much as I toss and turn, I always end up in something similar to 3.

I have my own reasons, I had a special pillow instead of baby blankie and I NEEDED to have a specific corner in my hand to sleep. The pillow has a name and sometimes I still use it, but that’s neither here nor there… As far as the tweeter goes; not much room to judge when you’re one arm away planking every night, weirdo.

A sleep expert says sleeping on your back is ideal. It reduces pressure on the muscles and joints as long as you don’t have sleep apnea or snoring problems. The worst position for deep rest? Sleeping on your front. ALLAN.

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