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Jack Harlow Is Conflicted By Fame

Though 23-year-old Jack Harlow appreciates the fame he’s gained, it’s difficult when the focus moves off the music.

He’s the subject of a cover story interview with Variety and admitted he’s “conflicted” about his rise to stardom.

“Once you become actually famous, it’s only half about the music,” Harlow, 23, said. “They’re just showing up to see you in the flesh, put you on their Snap[chat], throw some panties at you, whether they know a single lyric or not.” “When ‘Whats Poppin’ came out, it was so much about the music, but this year, I feel like I’ve put myself out there so much that my personality’s caught up with it. The fame is fun, but I have such a love for the craft. I want to get back to it, and I’m hungry to kill s—.”

Harlow, who is nominated for a Grammy alongside Lil Nas X for their collaboration on “Industry Baby,” said his work on the track was something he felt “was important.”

“I just felt like it was important and something that in 10 years I’m gonna look back on and be very proud of,” he said.

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