Actor Jonah Hill is getting candid about his body insecurities.

Hill has a new Netflix documentary called “Stutz” in which he focuses on his therapist, Phil Stutz, a renowned psychiatrist to the stars.

The very personal project debuted Monday and features honest conversations between Hill and Stutz in intimate therapy sessions.

Hill says he began seeing Stutz “out of desperation to get happier,” and explained, “I had no healthy self-esteem. Having grown up overweight was something, that sounds like not a big deal, or like, ‘Poor you’ or whatever, but for me, personally, it intensely f—ed me up.  I just didn’t invest in myself and understand how to like myself.  I just worked to achieve this thing, which is your idea of the snapshot.”

Hill also confided his success made him depressed saying, “At the same time, the media kept being really brutal about my weight. It was just kind of free game for anyone to sort of hit my sore spot. I’d be so angry. It kept me from feeling any sense of being able to grow past negative feelings about myself.”

Earlier this year, Hill paused the promotion of the film to prevent panic attacks and work on his mental health.

What’s your biggest insecurity?

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