If you think you can’t watch 8 full episodes of an entire limited series in one day, you haven’t started Kaleidoscope yet.

It’s a series about an elaborate heist with twists and turns. And it’s a limited series, so there’s no worry that you’ll watch it, love it, and then see it get canceled. This is one-and-done.

While it’s just one of the new things to watch on Netflix this month, what sets it apart is the fact that you can watch the episodes in any order.

You’ll get the same information at the end of it all, but the order of events matters because you’ll get different shocking surprises based on that order. Everyone will experience it differently.

The episodes are identified by colors: YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, ORANGE, VIOLET, RED, PINK, and WHITE.

Netflix has some recommended orders that you can watch:

Or there’s always rainbow order, or the colors in alphabetical order. Have fun!

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