KFC Makes Rum?

KFC is teaming up with rum brand Dead Man’s Fingers to create its first-ever spirit.

The 11-Herbed and Spiced Rum was released yesterday to mark National Rum Day and will be available for a limited time.

A KFC spokesperson said: “Although the Colonel’s recipe remains a secret, we can reveal it has the perfect balance of our herbs and spices including black and white pepper, together with the freshly fried goodness of our golden breading that makes our chicken taste so damn good. Infused with the unmistakeable notes of Dead Man’s Fingers spiced rum, the new tipple also has whispers of creamy caramel, vanilla, treacle toffee and nutmeg.”

The rum is only available in the UK right now but if you really want it, you can order it at TheDropStore.com.

 Would you drink this? In/with what?

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