Kid Rock Backs Off Bud Light

Kid Rock is changing his tune on Bud Light.

In April, Rock was one of several conservative figures to denounce the beverage, after Bud Light sent a personalized case of beer to transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

The rocker even filmed himself shooting a crate of Bud Light and uploaded the footage to X.

During a new interview, Rock declared he “didn’t want to be in the party of cancel cultures and boycotts that ultimately hurt working-class people.”

Describing himself as a “conservative” and a “patriot,” the musician said he’d given the issue a lot of thought since calling for Bud Light’s cancellation earlier this year.

He explained, “As a God-fearing man, as a Christian, I have to believe in forgiveness. They made a mistake, all right. What do you want, hold their head under water and drown them and kill people’s jobs? I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to be their biggest cheerleader. I want them to show me something to get me back as a consumer, as a drinker.”

What do you think prompted Kid Rock’s about-face? Do you believe him?

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