Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda Calls Out Music Industry For ‘Mind Numbing’ Social Media Content

With TikTok becoming more of a resource in the music industry, some artists are feeling burdened by the social media app.

This includes Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park, who recently tweeted, “I’m tired of hearing musicians be told they’re not investing enough energy in social media content. Every artist I talk to right now has this feeling. They say they’re spending way too much time making little videos to support their careers, but wish they could spend more time making and playing music.”

Shinoda added, “How is a young artist expected to put in enough time to get great at their craft when they need to feed all these content channels? The time they spent generating mind-numbing ‘content’ might have been at the expense of the best song they never wrote.”

Shinoda’s frustrations come after Halsey shared that her label would not let her release new music without going viral on TikTok.

Do you think social media is necessary for the music industry?

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