Lzzy Hale Notices Phone Drop-Off At Shows

Halestorm front-woman Lzzy Hale says people are living in the moment more now.

In a new interview, the singer was asked how it has been for her and her bandmates to return to performing live after not being able to play during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hale responded, “Oh, it’s wonderful. It’s also different now in a good way. We’re just so caught up in the middle of the moment and just trying to live in the present, live in the now.” 

She went on to say, “And I’ve noticed that with the audience too; the audience is literally coming to a show like it’s gonna be stolen from them again. It’s a beautiful time. And I’ve also noticed a huge drop-off in people using their phones [to take pictures and shoot video], like not paying attention [to the artists on stage]. Everyone just wants to see everything and absorb it. I hope that’s a trend that continues on, because it’s good to see everyone’s faces.” 

How much do you use your phone at a show?

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