M. Shadows Blames Rock and Metal’s ‘Downfall’ on Modern ‘Pop’ Production

Avenged Sevenfold vocalist M. Shadows took to Twitter to talk about the “downfall” of rock and metal.

“Hot take: Sampled drums and the ‘loudness war’ have been the largest contributors to the downfall of rock and metal,” Shadows tweeted. “The listener does not need to know exactly what that is to subconsciously feel it.”

He added, “Rock should not have ‘pop’ production.”

He DID defend proper pop production in a follow-up comment, tweeting, “A perfect example of a ‘pop’ record being produced and mastered brilliantly is Daft Punk Random Access Memories.

Do you think M. Shadows is right about pop production? Why do you think rock and metal aren’t currently huge genres of music?

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