M. Shadows Hints At Avenged Sevenfold Record Follow-Up

Avenged Sevenfold frontman M. Shadows is already talking about the follow-up to their “Life Is But a Dream” record.

In a new interview,  Shadows says there’s something in the works.

He said, “There are things that were left on the sides of this record that didn’t quite make it that can be explored that I think will be incredible, that will be a very cool, soothing sort of connection to this record. I can’t wait to explore that.”

When asked for a timeline he explained, “I hope we can do it sooner than later honestly. But that really comes down to touring schedules and when we can get back in there. But this opens the doors to so many different things, the way that music has evolved in terms of distribution. You can kind of just do whatever you want. There are so many cool avenues we can take it down and I can’t wait to do that and explore it and release it in certain ways.”

What band is long overdue for a new record?

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