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Machine Gun Kelly recently appeared as a guest on Travis Kelce’s podcast and made an offer to Travis during the episode.

MGK said, “I’m sure you get asked this question behind closed doors a lot, but I would be remiss if due to the nature of our friendship and just as a Clevelander if I did not insert this question personally.”

He continued, “I will give you $500,000 cash upon arrival just for shopping or whatever you want. As well as matching that same amount as a donation to both of our high schools — both Shaker Heights and Cleveland Heights — as well as every-day breakfast and coffee delivery from my restaurant, if you would just come home and put on these colors right here.”

Travis replied, “You know that was the original dream, dawg. You know that was the dream!”

MGK added, “My fingers [are] crossed, there is no decision that needs to be made right now, but just know my offer is real and it’s on the table.”

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