The world learned a fun fact when Mariah Carey released her 2020 memoir that she once made an entire grunge album under the band name Chick.

She was only heard on backing vocals on the original version, but now she says she’s found recordings where she sings lead and is going to release them.

The album, titled Someone’s Ugly Daughter, was recorded during the sessions for Carey’s 1995 album Daydream.

Nobody really noticed initially because Carey wasn’t credited, but now people are curious to hear it after she mentioned it in her book.

The official release of Someone’s Ugly Daughter featured Carey’s friend Clarissa Dane on lead vocals, though the band did record a version with Carey on lead vocals instead.

No word on when it will be out, but she’s working on it! In the meantime, she’s celebrating the 25th anniversary of Butterfly!


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