Mark Hoppus Addresses Fan Backlash At New Blink Song

The latest single from blink-182, “Blame It on My Youth,” wasn’t exactly received well by some fans.

In fact, when it first dropped last week, one Twitter user begged the band to return to their former sound.

In a new interview with the Blink-155 podcast, Mark Hoppus addressed the mixed reaction. It turns out that he’s actually cool with it.

“When people react strongly one way or the other on a song, I think it’s better than something coming out and people being like, ‘Meh,'” the singer/bassist admitted.

Regarding accusations that the band specifically tried to write a radio-friendly track, Hoppus fired back, “And we’ve never sat down with the intent of ‘Let’s write a radio single’ because what is a radio single? I don’t know what works with radio. I can’t write a song for the radio.”

Which bands have had successes by evolving their sound?



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