You’ve heard that Mayim Bialik will star in a show next fall on FOX playing the owner of a cat cafe in Louisville, and her name will be Carla. Guess who runs the real Lucky Cat Cafe & Lounge, at 2230 Dundee Road, in Louisville’s Belknap neighborhood? Karla Spencer.  Did they name the character after Karla? 

“We heard through the grapevine that they now know that we are here,” Spencer said. “But it really was a coincidence. They did not know, is what we’ve heard. They didn’t know. But now they are aware that there is a cat cafe in Louisville run by a Karla.”

But she’s excited and has ideas for the show!  She’s got real-life experience to add credibility to the show! She reached out to Mayim on social media and is hoping for a visit, though the show will tape in LA. According to Variety, the show is called “Carla,” and around a 39-year-old woman who uses money her parents set aside for her wedding to open a cat cafe in Louisville.

If you haven’t yet been to Lucky Cat, it’s one of very few not-for-profit cat cafes. An all-volunteer team runs everything, from feeding cats to brewing coffee.  Our kitties come from three adoption partners: Metro Animal Services, Shamrock Pet Foundation, and CatHeads Kitty Rescue.  More than a dozen cats and kittens are residents. All are adoptable although most visitors come to play, hang out, and pet cats. We specialize in adult, senior, and disabled cats because they are the ones who need help finding purrmanent homes.




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