Mike McCready Working on Rock Opera in Tribute to Chris Cornell

Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready has been hard at work on a rock opera about the Seattle music scene in tribute to Chris Cornell.

McCready told ‘Guitar World,’ “I look at him as one of the greatest singers and songwriters of all time, aside from being a friend. I love Chris and I’m working on a little project about the Seattle scene and a musical kind of rock opera thing. It’s just from my experience in the Seattle music scene, and he’s part of it.”

McCready and Cornell, of course, were bandmates in Temple of the Dog, the group that spawned following the sudden death of Mother Love Bone singer, Andrew Wood.

McCready noted that he, so far, has about 18 songs penned for the project, which might evolve into a stage production.

Would you go see a stage show about the Seattle music scene? Are you excited to hear the music McCready is working on?

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