Millennials Are Sharing Something They Have Said Recently That Made Them Feel Old, And Oof Too Real

A thread from a Reddit post recently went viral for asking millennials, “what was the most middle-aged thing you caught yourself saying recently?”

A ton of responses came in and some are all too relatable, check out some of the top answers:

  • “Wanted to buy a snack and then thought, No, I have food at home.”
  • “That classic ‘dad groan’ when standing up.”
  • “I am looking forward to going to bed.”
  • “Why is the music so loud in here?!”
  • “Had a riveting conversation with some friends about the best office chairs for lumbar support.”
  • “While at Home Depot: ‘Oh yeah, that’s some good lumber.”

Which one of the above statements have you said before? Tell us something that you have done or said that made you feel old!

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