Millennials Share Their Best Money And Career Advice From 2021

If career and money are on the top of your New Years Resolution list then this advice from millennials could prove helpful.

Starting Over: In 2019 Karen and Sylvester Akpan had over $100,000 in student loan debt and paid over $4,000 for housing in California. They sold their house and now live out of an RV making money through social media campaigns.

Have A Plan B: Destiny Adams works for the State of Michigan as a child welfare specialist making $60,000/year. She also runs a YouTube consulting business and sells hair and extensions. “If something happens with my state of Michigan employment, I also have the salon. If something happens with the salon, then I have my YouTube income. And if something happens with my YouTube income, then I have my personal brand,” she says.

It’s Never Too Late To Learn: JD Wilson, 38 closed his events company and now works as a school teacher in Hawaii, living a minimalist lifestyle.

Emma Sadler, 29, works as a UX designer for a tech startup in New York City. She encourages people to invest in themselves. She spent $12,000 learning UX but now earns $60,000 with the potential to climb the ladder and earn more.

What is the best money or career advice you’ve been given?

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