Miller Lite Campaign Causes Outrage And Calls For Boycotts

A Miller Lite commercial went viral on social media following the Bud Light controversy with transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney, causing heated online exchanges among the brand’s audience.

A Miller Lite ad that was featured in March for Women’s History Month has resurfaced online, causing backlash from the brand’s customers.

Comedian, ​​Ilana Glazer, is featured in the commercial “Bad S__t, to Good S__t.” The ad focuses on women being the first to make beer and how the industry has since sexualized women instead of paying homage to them.

The commercial urges Miller Lite drinkers to find old sexist marketing material and send it to Miller Lite so they can make compost from it, which could be used to make fertilizer for hops farmers, with the resulting hops being sent to female brewers.

Miller’s parent company, Molson Coors, says the ad is meant to be funny, but OutKick founder Clay Travis says the ad is “woke.”

Do you think the Miller Lite ad will cause sales to drop like Bud Light?

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