If you’re thinking to yourself, “there’s a video game hall of fame?,” you wouldn’t be alone.

The World Video Game Hall Of Fame just announced its 2019 inductees, headlined by two 90’s classics and a humble card game that might be the most-played video game ever.

Mortal Kombat, Super Mario Kart, and Microsoft Windows Solitaire will enter the Hall of Fame this year, along with the 1976 text-based adventure game Colossal Cave Adventure.

Both Mortal Kombat and Mario Kart kicked off huge franchises that continue to this day. Solitaire, meanwhile, might be the most-played game ever, included on virtually every PC since the late 80’s.

Some of the games already enshrined in the Hall include Pac-Man, Legend Of Zelda, Tetris, and The Oregon Trail.

How much time have you wasted in your life playing Windows Solitaire? What other video games belong in the Hall?

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