Just one week after returning to Jeopardy!, Alex Trebek has returned to undergo chemotherapy treatment again.

Less than a month ago, the host announced he had finished undergoing chemotherapy for stage 4 pancreatic cancer and was getting back at work.

In an interview with Good Morning America on Tuesday, Trebek said his doctors want him to undergo another round of chemo because he lost a lot of weight and his numbers “went sky high.”

“I was doing so well. And my numbers went down to the equivalent of a normal human being who does not have pancreatic cancer,” Trebek said in the interview. “So we were all very optimistic. And they said, ‘Good, we’re gonna stop chemo, we’ll start you on immunotherapy.'”

Trebek, 79, has been the host of Jeopardy! since it was revived in 1984. His contract keeps him in the hosting position until 2022.

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