Offspring Guitarist Reveals Band’s Struggles To Stay ‘Relevant’

Although the Offspring’s 2021 album Let the Bad Times Roll was released a full nine years after Days Go By, their upcoming album is expected to drop just three years after the last one.

And there’s a reason for that, says guitarist Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman.

Asked if there was a sense of urgency in recording the band’s 11th album, Supercharged, Wasserman says:

“Yeah, a little bit. We wanted to prove that we’re still relevant in terms of making new music. I know that our live show has never been better. But there’s the live show and then there’s the creating new music. You don’t know if this is gonna work.”

Fortunately, all indications are Supercharged will be well-received.

“So far, the reaction to the stuff has been great,” Wasserman says. “I know some journalists have heard the whole record all the way through, and the feedback I’ve got has been very positive from the journalists that have heard it.”

Supercharged is due on October 11th.

What bands have gotten stale after releasing several albums?

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