Ohio Distillery Live Streams Whiskey Aging
Barrel on a wooden table and brown background

An Ohio distillery is offering customers the boozy equivalent of watching paint dry.

Hayner Distilling Co. has launched its Whiskey Webcam program in which subscribers can choose a barrel of whiskey and live stream the inside as it ages via webcam over the course of four to six years.

Interested parties will pay $149 to subscribe to Hayner’s Whiskey Webcam: $139 at first, and then another $10 in four to six years to get your bottle.

You’ll also get a sample every year to try, 24/7 access to the webcam, and other gifts.

According to Hayner, the camera is sealed inside a port on the top of the barrel and LED lights are used to illuminate the inside without emitting UV rays that could be harmful to the whiskey.

Get a bottle at Whiskeywebcam.com/barrels.

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