Oli Sykes: BMTH “Can’t Be The Band That We Used to Be”

If Bring Me the Horizon seems different to you these days, there’s probably a good reason.

Frontman Oli Sykes recently discussed fans who think the band has changed so much over the years.

“To a certain degree, we can’t be the band that we used to be” Sykes said in a recent interview. “We wouldn’t know how to do it, and we wouldn’t know how to do it with any authenticity or integrity.”

Sykes continued: “Because [as] we grow and we age and we mature, our tastes change. … But sometimes those people can remind you like, Wait — are we losing what makes us special? And that’s what I’ve asked myself over the years. It’s like, some people that are sad because we’re not as heavy anymore or whatever — do they have a point?”

He added, “There’s not many bands like Bring Me the Horizon anymore that are in the kind of mainstream stuff.”

What do you think of Bring Me the Horizon’s changes over the years? What other bands have moved away from their original sounds? Is the sound evolution of bands a good thing? Why or why not?

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