Papa Roach Frontman Raises Eyebrows With Comparison

Papa Roach’s singer Jacoby Shaddix is raising eyebrows with a new interview.

The frontman compared his band to Metallica saying, “We’re watching Metallica step into that Rolling Stones spot right now. And Foo Fighters are another one of those groups. And Korn, Papa Roach [and] Deftones, we’re like the next Metallicas.”

He went on to say, “You know what I mean? That’s it. We’re stepping into that spot now. It just comes to, I guess, being able to survive the treachery of this rock and roll life. And if you can do that and still continue to create good art and good music, then we can get into that space.”

Do you think Papa Roach is the next Metallica? Why or why not?

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