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People Are Posting Lots Of Nudes In The Coronavirus Pandemic

Reddit is seeing a spike in nudes being sent during stay-at-home orders. The social media platform reports their top five subreddits are r/GoneWild, r/PetiteGoneWild, r/Asiansgonewild, r/GWCouples, and r/GoneWild30plus.

While having more time people are taking, posting, sharing and even selling nudes more frequently.

Single people may be the cause of the uptick says Jackson, a music writer in Australia, “When you’re single, and you can’t meet up with anyone, phone sex/snapchat sex/exchanging nudes is a good way to pass the time and keep libido in check.”

Moderator mister_master89n for subreddit “quarantine gone wild,” says the feeling of isolation makes people want to share nudes just to brighten someone’s day.

Are you getting more nudes since the quarantine started? What are you spending more time doing now that you’re in quarantine?

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