Animal rights organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) wants Nintendo to add a gun-toting chicken to Smash Bros. Ultimate.

For real… PETA has created a petition page for their “Not a Nugget” mascot to be part of the game.

It says in part: As a downloadable fighter, “Not a Nugget” could use his “wits, wings, and beak (plus a trick or two tucked under his feathers) to pummel opponents and really pack a punch.”

PETA goes on to say: “His peak physical skills would serve to send a positive message to millions of people around the world about the benefits of going vegan and being kind to animals.”

Many replies to PETA’s petition, however, point out that the organization was previously critical of the Pokemon series because it encourages players to pit one animal against another in combat.

Nintendo has not responded to PETA’s tweets or petition.

What do you think about PETA’s idea for Smash Bros. Ultimate?

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