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Pundits in the movie business think Pixar might need to retool its general strategy after its latest film, Elemental, bombed in its opening week.

Elemental grossed $29.5 million in its opening weekend, which is the worst opening in Pixar’s history. The global box office brought its opening figures to $44.5, but the film’s total budget was $200 million.

According to various movie business experts, many families got used to Pixar’s films hitting the streaming platform Disney+ right away during the pandemic instead of going to the theater.

Soul, Luca and Turning Red all hit Disney+ upon opening in theaters, which led families to opt to stay at home and watch movies to save money.

Experts don’t think Pixar will crumble, but they definitely view the future as an uphill climb.

Have your movie-going habits returned to normal with the coronavirus pandemic no longer a serious threat? How often do you see a movie at your local theater?

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