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Jacoby Shaddix is explaining the band’s latest single, “Leave a Light On (Talk Away The Dark)”.

In a new interview, the Papa Roach frontman explained:

“As we’ve grown as a band, obviously we take fans on a journey. When we were making [the album] Ego Trip, we wanted everything to be extreme and so when it came time to write this track, we knew we needed to strip it back and just be as raw and real as possible. It’s so different than anything we’ve ever done. I played it for my brother-in-law, same reaction. It just strikes a chord, man. It’s about being there for the people that you love.”

Shaddix also said the band likes to focus on heavy themes explaining, “It wasn’t anything that we had set out to do in the beginning, but then we realized, people are inspired by this. There’s a message of hope in there that people are connecting with.”

What band makes you feel hopeful?

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