Someone Might Be Listening To Your Cell Phone Calls

Someone could be listening to and recording your phone calls.

While the idea might sound paranoid, Wired has uncovered documentation that reveals a surveillance program called Data Analytical Services has been secretly recording and analyzing more than a trillion U.S. phone calls every year. The program is run by AT&T, in cooperation with national and local law enforcement agencies, according to Wired. Although DAS was set up so police can monitor criminals, it also allows them to listen in on people they’ve come into contact with – and everyone those people have come into contact with, per Wired. In other words, you don’t have to directly know a lawbreaker to be monitored.

The program, which is funded by the White House, was shut down by former President Barack Obama in 2013 after it was revealed by the New York Times. However, former President Donald Trump brought it back in 2017, Wired reports.

Can you make an argument that proves this is legal?

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