The gift that keeps on giving? Albert Hammond Jr. is pushing his new JETWAY premium wine seltzer. The Strokes’ frontman dreamed up the product after a night out with friends in Italy, as part of a quest to harness the refreshing flavor of an Aperol Spritz. He explained, “It was a special night with friends, and when you have a magic night that combines with a beverage or a food, it leaves something in your mind where you’re always wanting it. I guess that’s part of what I was trying to do, as well.”

JETWAY is newly available to order online at It features ingredients like elderflower and yuzu in the white wine seltzer and orange peel and white peach in the Rosé offering.  Hammond Jr. prefers the white wine version.

Have you tried it yet? What would you drink if your friends wouldn’t make fun of you?

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