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A Rare Scotch Whisky Was Just Named Best in the World

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition which is "the oldest and largest competition of its kind," happened…

The ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Guys Just Launched Their Own Whiskey

They play bar owners on TV, but now the guys from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" really…

Jack & Coke In A Can?

Jack & Coke fans are soon going to be able to get the classic cocktail pre-mixed in…

‘Brewmaster’ Will Get Crafty On Switch Later This Year

A new game from Auroch Digital called Brewmaster promises to teach you the basics of brewing up your own…

White Claw Unveils New Hard Seltzers

New flavors of White Claw hard seltzers will be making their way to store shelves this spring.

Coca-Cola Is Launching These 4 New Beverages

From coffee to alcohol, Coca-Cola is getting ready to launch four new products.

Hard Mtn Dew Baja Blast Flavor Adds Alcohol to Taco Bell Favorite

If you've been slipping a little something extra into your Baja Blast, Mtn Dew just made things…

Drinking Habits That Could Age Your Brain Faster, According to Experts

According to experts talking with the website Eat This, Not That, the way you drink alcoholic and non-alcoholic…

Secrets Major Beer Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Website Eat This, Not That has shared some major secrets from some of the biggest beer makers.

Lay’s Releases Its Own Potato Vodka

You may soon be able to enjoy your favorite potato chip in liquid form. Lay's has announced…

Arby’s Fries Go 80 Proof With New Limited-Edition Curly Fry And Crinkle Fry Vodka

Who would've thought that vodka and French fries would pair well together… apparently Arby's did!

The Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr. Launches Wine Seltzer

The Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr. is launching a new wine seltzer brand called Jetway.

PBR Will Pay You To Put Up Beer Ads In Your Home

Pabst Blue Ribbon is taking its advertising campaign to the next level.

This Is the Most Popular Beer in North America, New Data Says

A new study has found that the most popular beer in North America is…

Whiskey Bottle Breaks Record For World’s Largest

There's a new Guinness World Record for the "Largest Bottle of Scotch" which holds A LOT of…

Fireball is Releasing Kegs That Hold 5 Liters of Whisky

If you love whisky-like REALLY, REALLY love whisky-Fireball has something with you in mind.

Pumpkin Spice Seltzer? Bud Light Hops On The Fall Flavoring Trend

Every fall season it seems like more and more brands are offering up their items in a pumpkin…

Jim Beam Launches a Whiskey Delivery Service

Whiskey lovers: Jim Beam has just launched a delivery service. Yes, you heard right, a whiskey delivery…

Coors Is Launching A Whiskey Label

Coors is expanding their brand into the whiskey game with their first product, Five Trail, in partnership…

IHOP is Going to Have Beer, Wine, and Champagne as a Part of Their New Menu

IHOP has just announced that select locations across the nation will have beer, wine, and champagne available…

Molson Coors Retires 11 Beers

Molson Coors has decided to pull the plug on 11 of their beer brands.

USPS May Soon Be Able To Ship Wine And Beer

Up until now, alcohol companies have only been able to ship their products through UPS and FedEx…

Let The Good Times Roll: Bud Light Seltzer Frozen Icicles Coming Soon

This might do the trick if you need to cool down this summer. Bud Light Seltzer Retro…

USPS May Be Able to Ship Alcohol Soon

Shipping alcohol in the U.S. has not been easy, but things may be changing soon.

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