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Noel Gallagher says Brother Liam is More Successful

Noel Gallagher is giving props to his brother Liam.

Oasis Knebworth Flick Gets Release Date

Oasis' Knebworth documentary finally has a release date.

Noel Gallagher Admits He Doesn’t Like ‘Wonderwall’

It is hard to believe that a musician would dislike their most popular song, but in the…

Noel Gallagher Doesn’t Correct People When They Think He is Liam

Liam and Noel Gallagher have had their fair share of rifts over the years, but one of…

Video Alert: AJR – “World’s Smallest Violin”

Another new video from AJR for their song “World’s Smallest Violin” from their new album, OK Orchestra…

Video Alert: AJR – “Way Less Sad”

Check out another brand new song and video from AJR!

The Black Keys Announce Deluxe Reissue of Brothers

The Black Keys are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their breakthrough album Brothers with a special release…

Are We One Step Closer To An Oasis Reunion?

Perhaps the forever warring Gallagher brothers will finally put aside their differences and give Oasis fans a…

Video Alert: AJR – “Bang!”

After releasing the song earlier today, AJR has released the music video for their new song “Bang!”

First Listen: AJR – “Bang!”

Check out new music from AJR!

Noel Gallagher On ‘Reconciliation’ With Brother Liam

Going home for the holidays must be hard in the Gallagher household with the amount of warring…

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